10,000 Jobs at Risk in UK Chemical Industry

It has always been relatively difficult for the Chemical Industry to make itself heard in the UK, compared to, say, the automotive industry. A KPMG analyst, Chris Stirling has warned that the UK's chemicals industry was being left to "suffer in silence" whilst efforts were being focused on other industries. It is claimed that recent closure announcements put as many as 10,000 jobs at risk across the UK, either directly or in supply firms. "The chemicals industry simply cannot be left to suffer in silence. The industry needs to better promote itself to the Government, presenting the case for why it is imperative to have a guaranteed supply of certain strategic chemicals in the UK, not just in terms of our own industrial output, to which the chemical industry contributes more than £5 billion annually to the UK balance of trade, but also in terms of long-term job and wealth creation" he said. This blog endorses the view. The UK Chemical Industries Asociation, together with UK regional groups such as NEPIC are doing what they can but need the support of others within the chemical industry to make themselves heard!

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