BP To Appeal New Texas City Damages Award

photo : BP

BP is set to appeal a $100M award for safety infringements at its Texas City refinery. The Texas Court made its ruling on Friday 18th December and ordered BP to make payments to ten workers after an incident in April 2007 that involved an unplanned release of toxic chemicals at the site.

The affected workers claimed that breathing in benzene and other harmful chemicals released from a sulphur recovery unit had caused dizziness, sore throats, and one worker to pass out. No long-term or permanent injuries were caused.

BP has denied that the release occurred and indeed environmental agencies could find no evidence to support the claims.

This case is one of a number of lawsuits brought against BP involving more than 140 workers and local residents in relation to alleged gas releases from the Texas City Refinery

This blog is very much an advocate of excellence in all matters relating to Process Safety Management (PSM) and believes that all organisations should have the very best policies and procedures in place.

It is also correct that transgressions, where proven, should be punished via the courts but the punishment must fit the crime. In this example, the judgement is extremely severe considering that there is uncertainty about whether a release actually occurred and, most importantly, the fact that no-one suffered any long term effects.

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