Fatigue Raised as Possible Factor in Kleen Energy Systems Explosion

photo : Dayton Daily News

A fire and explosion killed five people and injured several more on Sunday  at a gas-fired power plant under construction at Middletown, Connecticut.

According to initial reports, the blast occurred during testing at  facility, according to a statement by the mayor's office late on Sunday.

A natural gas leak caused the blast during the testing of the plant, which was 95% complete and was due to come on stream later this year, according to reports.

New reports are suggesting that fatigue may have been a major factor, with some workers reportedly working 12-hour shifts, 7-days per week for an extended period.

There is much guidance available on the risks associated with fatigue. The UK Health and Safety Executive publishes an excellent guide to fatigue and its risks. Although it is too early to say whether fatigue was truly a factor in this instance, it is known to have been a factor in other major instances, such as BP Texas City, and steps should always be taken to avoid chronic fatigue and the associated risks.

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