UK Chemicals Exodus Underway?

I've just spotted a very interesting article from the Royal Society of Chemistry outlining concerns over the potential exodus of chemical and pharmaceutical companies from the UK.

As many will know, Ineos has recently announced its decision to relocate its corporate headquarters from the UK to Switzerland.

A number of other chemical and pharmaceutical companies may be poised to follow suit, given concerns over the perceived high levels of taxation in the UK for businesses and individuals.

Already the vast majority of UK chemical plants are owned by companies with headquarters outside of the UK. If the UK is no longer considered to be a 'strategic' location for an organisation, there may well be a drift of corporate, commercial and technical positions from the UK. Ultimately plant closures could follow, particularly if the total cost of employment is deemed to be too high.

This is a major concern. We have seen significant numbers of closures in recent years. My sense is that the UK needs a strong chemical sector, particularly if we wish to have a leading role in the development of green technologies. Although relocations of corporate HQs do not change the asset base, they do affect sentiment and can impact future investment decisions.

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