Ineos Bio Waste to Ethanol Projects Gather Momentum

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The Ineos Bio waste to ethanol process is attracting a great deal of attention currently.

Back in December, this blog reported that Ineos Bio, together with its partner New Planet Energy, had been selected for a $50M grant for its advanced bioenergy facility in Florida, USA. The facility to use INEOS Bio’s advanced BioEnergy technology to produce bioethanol and power from a range of feedstocks, including forestry waste, agricultural waste, sustainable energy crops, construction waste and municipal solid waste.

More recently, in June this year, it was announced that INEOS Bio had received an offer of a £7.3m grant towards £52m construction costs for the first commercial plant in Europe using its advanced BioEnergy Process Technology. According to Ineos Bio, 'The plant, to be located at the INEOS Seal Sands site in the Tees Valley, is designed to produce 24,000 tonnes per year (30 million litres) of carbon-neutral road transport fuel and generate more than 3MW of clean electricity for export from over 100,000 tonnes per year of biodegradable household and commercial waste. This would provide the biofuel requirement of around 250,000 vehicles per year running on E10* and the electricity needs of 6000 households.'

The process takes domestic waste, converts it into gases and then uses an anaerobic fermentation step to convert the gases into bio-ethanol. My understanding is that the process is highly efficient and has relatively low costs, meaning that this type of facility could be installed in any large population centre and provide an effective means of energy production, whilst eliminating costly landfill or waste incineration.

The Florida facility is due on-line in 2011. If this project proves to be successful, which I fully expect to be the case, one can foresee many other such projects being implemented around the world.

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