Employee Engagement in the New Normal

In a recent blog I highlighted the factors that are important if manufacturing companies are to thrive in the new normal.

Capability, flexibility, innovation, effectiveness were the keywords used to describe how the highest level of operational capability could be achieved.

In the current climate the focus must be on existing assets, and that of course must include our human assets, the workforce.

When applied to human beings those words spell out an engaged and effective workforce. In his 2009 report to the UK government "Engaging for Success"  David MacLeod, no stranger himself to the petrochemical industry, reported that while 90% of businesses believed that engagement impacted on business success only 25% had an engagement plan.  So the question is 'Has the impact of the New Normal changed this thinking'?

There is certainly one organisation which believes, and is doing something about it by investing in the capability of their workforce. In winning their recent UK National Training Award for 2010, Warwick International reported soaring morale and a doubling of productivity, proving once again that making progress in a way which engages employees can be good for business.

Employee engagement is not about applying a ubiquitous formula. It's about working things out for your own situation. I came across an excellent paper, written by Eric Thompson. Entitled  "Getting Involved" the paper suggests how you can make progress in your own environment.

Achieving employee engagement will not address every issue that petrochemicals manufacturers might face right now but it will certainly be a major factor in achieving success in the New Normal

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