DuPont Continues Focus on Megatrends

US Speciality Chemicals Major DuPont gave a global media briefing in late 2010 in which it announced the alignment of its strategic themes with future growth trends. These so called Megatrends are seen as the shapers for the future of the industry and DuPont wishes to be taking a leading position. The megatrends are

  • Increasing Food Production - recognising that the world's population continues to grow and needs to be fed
  • Decreasing Dependence on Fossil Fuels - recognising that fuel supplies are finite and that many individuals and nations are concerned about the potential for climate change
  • Protecting People and the Environment - recognising the need and desire to protect lives and preserve environments
  • Growth in Emerging Markets - recognising the global shift that is taking place at a very rapid pace
Having identified the trends, DuPont is then looking at how it can differentiate itself to deal with the impacts of these megatrends. This means changing the structure of the organisation through acquisition. It means product and process innovation. It means having people of the very highest calibre, who have roles and responsibilities fully aligned with this changing cororate vision.

More recently, in May 2011, DuPont concluded the acquisition of the Danish company Danisco, a company whose product range is a very neat fit with the megatrends outlined above.

For all chemicals and petrochemical producers, it is essential to understand the factors that will shape the future of the business and to plan and manage accordingly. Innovation is the key, whether this be in terms of organisation, in terms of process, in terms of product. Standing still and hoping for the best is not an option.

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