Explosion at PetroChina Kills Five

photo : ibtimes.com

An explosion at CNPC's Lanzhou Petrochemical Company in Gansu Province, China has killed 5 people and injured 6 others.

According to reports, the blast, on 7th January, occurred at a naphtha tank farm at the site. The ignition source was believed to be static electricity, which ignited flammable vapours which had leaked from a nearby pygas tank

According to CNPC, there was no damage to nearby residential buildings and there was no escape of toxic gas from the site.Firewater has been collected at the site for treatment.

The CNPC Vice President Liao Yongyuan and a team of experts has visited the site to deal with the aftermath. CNPC has also sent an urgent message throughout the group, advising employees of the accident and stressing the need for improve HSE performance.

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