Shell Singapore Fully On-Line

photo : Hydrocarbons processing

Shell has announced that its integrated refinery and petrochemicals complex in Singapore is now fully on line.

Shell has long talked of highly efficient, integrated supersites being the company's blueprint for the future. The Singapore Site certainly ticks all the boxes with the following features
  • Complex refinery with capability to process a wide range of crudes
  • Flexible cracker using latest technology and with capability to process heavier raw materials from refinery
  • World scale downstream plants with latest technologies
  • Fully integrated site infrastructure
  • Optimisation models to maximise margins depending on feedstock prices and availability
The site can process 500,000 bbl/day of crude and the cracker has a capacity of 800kT. All of the downstream plants are of large capacity.

According to the press release, the investment is Shell's largest ever in chemicals. As the blog noted back in November, at International eChem, we have long argued that the critical success factors for petrochemical operations are integration, size, technology, global reach and location. The SEPC complex scores top marks on all of these points.

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