ICIS Publishes Top 100 Companies For 2009

ICIS has recently published its regular Top 100 Chemical Companies feature, together with an excellent analysis of the events of the last year.

The Top 5, ranked in terms of sales, are BASF, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, Sinopec and Lyondell Basell. Of these, Sinopec is new to the top 5, having been ranked 8th last year.

Looking back over the last year, it is really quite remarkable that the major chemical companies have fared so well in adapting to an economic crisis that saw an oil price crash from a peak of $147 per barrel down to $32 per barrel and a virtual collapse in markets such as construction and automotive.

Clearly survival required significant cost reduction across the board. Reduced working capital, operating and maintenance cost reductions and reduced capital expenditure were commonplace, the only difference being the depth of cuts from one company to the next.

This blog has talked much about a new normal in the post recession period. The challenge remains a difficult one for all chemicals producers as we move forward. It will be necessary to deal with the economic conditions that this new normal will bring, whilst also adopting strategies to address the impacts of the recent cost cuts in areas such as capital expenditure.

However, in having survived so far, companies have clearly demonstrated that they have the management capabilities and willingness to adapt.

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  1. Thanks Andy for the great blog regarding the ICIS Top 100. Next week we will be publishing the Top 10 regional chemical players and then following that we will be announcing the Company of the Year award, based on the Top 100 financial data on September 27th.

    Lara McNamee