Typhoon Leads to Petrochemicals Shutdowns in Taiwan

photo : http://www.cdn.wn.com/

Chemicals manufacturers are very familiar with the need for comprehensive risk assessments and the implementation of appropriate mitigation measures. However, some events are beyond the wildest imagination of most manufacturers.

Producers in Taiwan have been forced to shutdown petrochemical facilities in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan because of flooding caused by Typhoon Fanapi.

A report in John Richardson's 'Asian Chemical Connections Blog', published by ICIS, indicates that the flood waters reached a height of more than 100 centimetres in the petrochemical parks.

No doubt the plants will restart swiftly once the waters have receded but one can imagine significant damage to equipment (IP65 is a standard for most instrumentation but only gives protection against water spray and not total immersion) as well as the awful mess that will have to be cleared before things can return to normal.

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