NiTech Solutions Wins ICIS Innovation Award

NiTech Solutions has won the prestigious ICIS Innovation award in the SME (Small/Medium size Enterprise) category.

As some may know, I do have a particular interest here - in my role as the Engineering Director with NiTech Solutions.

This award is fantastic news for an SME which is looking to make a breakthrough in the equipment market.

The picture shows the plant that won the award - installed with Genzyme, the leading biotech company. This technology essentially replaces a standard stirred-tank batch reactor and offers a major cost reduction - in both capital and operating costs, as well as better product quality, lower carbon footprint and waste reduction.

The technology is applicable to a wide range of applications, such as crystallisation, biodiesel, hydrogenationpolymerisation and pharmaceutical API's.

The mixing in the NiTech Continuously Oscillatory Baffled Reactor (COBR) is much more efficient than the mixing in a standard CSTR. The mixing, combined with high surface area per unit volume, means that steam and cooling water usage is much reduced. Furthermore conditions very near to plug flow can be attained at relatively low flow rates resulting in consistent product quality and yield.

Very much one of the 'green technologies' we hear so much about!

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