Petrochemicals Manufacturing Excellence - Are You Ahead of The Competition?

In being successful, it is important to know just what your competitors are doing.

How well placed are they to deal with the new normal?

- Have they been taking action, like Lanxess, to better position themselves?

- Are they doing things in terms of product or process innovation that will leave them better placed for the future?

I know from my own experience, that it is very easy to become internally focussed, particularly during difficult times – but a level of external focus provides a very useful sense check and challenge to what you are doing.

How do your costs compare?

- Do you have industry benchmark data you can use?
- Do you know what they are doing to address challenges?

There’s a lot of information available and as you would probably expect me to say, you can always enlist the help of consultants to give you that external perspective.

Good luck!

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