Chemical Release at UK Plant Injures Four

photo : http://www.hull.ac.uk/

FOUR workers were hurt last week, one very seriously, following a serious leak of titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) from the Cristal Global titanium dioxide plant near Grimsby, UK.

The workers suffered burns and toxic inhalation injuries when up to two tonnes of titanium tetrachloride were released at the site, following the rupture of a pressurised container. The company has indicated that the site will remain closed until it was satisfied it was safe to restart operations.
The causes of the incident are not yet known and the investigation is on-going. Staff from the UK Health and Safety Executive have been present at the site over the weekend.
According to reports, the company has previously been prosecuted for releasing titanium tetrachloride to the atmosphere in 2006.
The site was severely impacted by the recession during 2009, with a number of production slowdowns and a extended shutdown due to the drop in demand for construction related products.
This incident was very serious and could have resulted in multiple fatalities. Thankfully this wasn't the case but is still vital that all of the root causes are fully understood and issues rectified before the facility restarts.

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