Illinois Resolution Ask Congress to Postpone EPA Regulations on Emissions

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Back in December, this blog discussed the recent proposed changes to emissions regulations announced by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA, in announcing the“endangerment finding", classisfied CO2 and other greenhouse gases as "atmospheric pollutants", allowing it to regulate such emissions under the existing authority granted by the Clean Air Act.

The move has enraged US industry, who believe that the ruling puts at risk US jobs and the US economy.

This week, the Illinois House of Representatives passed a resolution encouraging “the Congress of the United States to adopt legislation that would postpone the US EPA’s effort to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources using existing Clean Air Act authority until Congress adopts a balanced approach to address climate and energy supply issues without crippling the economy.”

In a related statement, the President of the American Chemistry Council, Cal Dooley, made the following comment on the issue "Congress and the Administration must act immediately to postpone EPA stationary source regulation that could have far-reaching consequences for economic recovery, job creation and energy efficiency".

Pressure is steadily mounting on the EPA, who, thus far, as resisting pressure to make changes to the proposal.

This blog's view is that issues as important as this are vital to the industry. A balanced and global approach is required to addressing climate concerns. Localised initiatives cause localised damage to industry and employment, they ultimately lead to carbon leakage and do not end up benefitting anyone.

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