Shale Gas Again in the News

photo : Energy Tribune

The subject of shale gas has been very much in the news in recent days.

According to reports, Shell and PetroChina have offered $2.96BN for Australian unconventional gas producer Arrow Energy.

This deal would help meet China's energy needs and would provide additional feedstock for Shell’s proposed 16m t/y LNG production plant at Gladstone port in Queensland.

In the USA, the subject of Shale gas has dominated the CERA Week 2010 Energy Conference in Houston. Keynote speakers from both BP and Chevron have stressed the importance of shale gas to US energy supply, whilst the Energy Secretary, Stephen Chu, asserted his view that natural gas should be seen as a transition fuel, helping the world to achieve a shift towards green forms of energy.

This blog's view is that energy supply and energy security will rise up the agenda in the not too distant future. Many countries (such as the UK) potentially face significant energy shortfalls related to proposed closures of existing generating capacity. A move towards green and sustainable forms of energy will help the energy mix but gas will play an essential part in a secure energy future, both in the transition and in the longer term. The fact that so much activity is taking place in relation to shale gas shows that much of industry shares this view.

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