Avoiding a Recessionary Mindset

I've been talking a lot about impacts of recession in this blog and the need for effective management of change to manage risk and avoid creating long term issues. The same level of focus applies to the situation we will encounter post recession, when we need to drive the performance of our assets.

The London Business School provides an excellent YouTube channel called 'Survival of the Fastest'. The site has a large number of 'bite sized' video clips for managers, focusing on a wide range of topics.

There is a wealth of information that is relevant to managers involved in Chemicals Manufacturing, with topics covering a range of subjects such as innovation, people management andcost control, to mention but a few.

I've extracted just one example 'Avoiding a Recessionary Mindset'. As managers in the Chemical Industry, we have been dealing with the effects of recession for some time now, with reduced output, reductions in expenditure, job cuts and site closures very high on our priority lists. This can create a 'recessionary mindset', where our focus is on problem solving and survival.

At some time in the not too distant future, however, we will need to increase output, review our organisational requirements and adapt ourselves to the post recessionary situation. If we are stuck in crisis mode, this can be a difficult shift to make.

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