UK Chemical Plant Closures Hit New High

Continuing my theme of chemical plant closures, I was recently asked whether the number of UK plant closures had increased as a result of the current recession. Gut feeling says yes, but I thought I'd try and back this up with some analysis.
My quick assessment of the numbers shows that the rate has indeed increased during 2009, with 24 plant closures announced so far this year.
In the years 2000-2008, the rate was in the range 10-19 closures per year.
I don't have data to prove whether or not this trend is being repeated throughout Europe and North America but my gut feel says that this is indeed the case
Defining a chemical plant as a production, rather than blending operaton, there are approximately 400 plants left in the UK (including pharma). If this rate of closure were to continue, UK Chemicals Manufacturing will soon be a thing of the past.

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