Solar Power to Achieve Grid Parity?

I read with interest that the US based renewable energy First Solar has agreed to build the world’s largest solar power plant in China. The initial agreement is for a 30 MW demonstration plant in Inner Mongolia by June next year, which if successful could develop through a total of four phases to take the site’s total generating capacity to 2 GW by 2019.
Solar power, although often considered to be 'free' has been held back due to the very high investment costs associated with the technology. However the development of 'thin film' technology is significantly reducing investment costs and many industry experts now believe that grid parity (the point at which solar power becomes as cheap as energy from the grid) is only some 3-5 years away in some countries.
As this technology consumes significant amounts of chemicals, notably silicon, this could present an opportunity for the chemical industry, although we can expect the situation to be very volatile as solar panel producers race to achieve the lowest cost technology and highest market share.
Sadly I can't see grid parity being quite as close in the clouds and rain of North West England.

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