Cap and Trade Debate Divides US Opinion

photo : greensolutionsmag

Whilst the Emissions Trading System debate rages in Europe, the proposed US 'Cap and Trade' legislation is dividing opinion across the Atlantic.

The legislation has the same aims; to cut the nation's emissions of greenhouse gases and generate an upsurge in alternative and renewable fuel use.

Opponents argue that the higher price of carbon in the US and Europe will have the opposite effect, making hydrocarbon fuels even more attractive in less regulated parts of the world.

A number of Democrat Senators have written to President Obama, stating that they will not support the climate change bill unless the legislation contains a 'border adjustment provision' - an import tariff in most people's lexicons.

Protectionism definitely isn't the way to address climate change - it will create far more problems than it solves and will likely lead to retaliatory actions by other countries, with catastrophic effects.

As with the ETS, Cap and Trade is based on the very best intentions but in a global market place, global solutions are required, otherwise all that will result is a redistribution of manufacturing facilities to other locations, rather than a true reduction in emissions.

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