Shell - Integration Key To Successful Growth

photo : Hydrocarbons Technology

Shell believes that integration is key to delivering what it calls the 'oil chemicals advantage' in its petrochemical facilities.

Downstream Today has reported a recent speech at the recent Petchem Arabia 09 in Abu Dhabi by Aslam Moola, Business Development Manager for Shell Chemicals. Mr Moola cites various examples of projects and existing installations that clearly demonstrate the benefits of integration.

Integration, together with strong project implementation and effective production and energy management, is increasing the competitiveness of plants such as SEPC on Jurong Island, Singapore as well as other integrated Shell complexes around the world, according to Mr Moola.

The Middle East is set to benefit fom this integration. This will be even further enhanced by the development of downstream manufacturing capabilities, such as the polymer parks in Abu Dhabi and the growth of domestic markets in the region.

At International eChem, we have long argued that the critical success factors for petrochemical operations are integration, size, technology, global reach and location. Clearly, all of these factors must be supported by a strong business strategy, together with highly effective delivery of that strategy.

Recent projects in the Middle East and Asia tick all of the boxes and will increasingly dominate supply in the years to come.

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