OSHA Rejects BP's Request For More Time In Texas City Follow-Up

photo : ABC

In a letter seen by Reuters, OSHA has rejected BP's request for more time to fix safety problems at its Texas City Refinery.

OSHA has forwarded the dispute to a review commission and objected to BP's appeal, arguing that BP had failed to show how it would fix safety problems found after the deadly 2005 explosion at the refinery. OSHA has also said that BP could not ask for more time whilst simultaneously claiming that the refinery had met the terms of a four-year agreement to fix the safety issues which led to the explosion in March 2005 which killed 15 people and injured 180 other workers.

BP has said the commission would find the company has lived up to its agreement to comply with federal safety regulations at Texas City.

Without the detail, it is impossible comment on specifics. In broad terms however, it is fair to say that questions of interpretation can be argued and debated but questions of fundamental process safety must be fully addressed.

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