Outlook Mixed For Chemical Engineers

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According to the US based publication Chemical Engineering, the employment outlook for Chemical Engineers is something of a mixed bag at the moment.

Key findings are:

  • There are fewer job openings generally and corporate hiring processes are tougher
  • Chemical Engineers with creativity and a broad skill set will always be in demand
  • Median salaries are 7% higher than in 2007
  • Recruitment firms are reporting fewer job searches
  • Replacement hiring is down by about half and growth hiring (for expansion of production) is very low
  • Chemical Engineers of the 'baby boomer' generation are working for longer, contributing to the drop in replacement hiring
  • There are fewer entry-level positions but salaries are higher than in 2007
  • New opportunities exist in renewables and green technology
  • Process Control and Process Safety Engineers are in short supply
  • Demand is significantly down in sectors supplying automotive and construction markets
Not all doom and gloom by any means. Chemical Engineering is still a highly flexible degree and gives the holder opportunities in a wide range of technical and non-technical jobs. Whilst the climate is tough currently, things should start to improve but as with business, creativity and flexibility are the keys to long term success.

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