Bayer Outlines Energy Saving Measures

photo : Dimplex

Bayer MaterialScience has taken a very proactive stance in highlighting a number of the measures that it is taking to meet its goal of cutting specific greenhouse gas emissions per ton of product sold by 25% by 2020.

To achieve this target, Bayer has announced the following steps

  • Implementation of a novel energy management system to cut energy use  throught its manufacturing and supply chain. In particular the company aims to reduce consumption at its 60 most energy-intensive sites 10% by 2012
  • Introduction of a new chlorine production process, with the highly energy-efficient oxygen-depolarised cathode process (uses 30% less electricity than equivalent processes)
  • Developing and implementing a new approach for supplying materials and technologies for energy-efficient housing
  • Designing several company buildings to be ultra-efficient, using significantly less energy than buildings of an equivalent size
This blog has posted several times on the question of anthropogenic global warming. However, whilst this particular debate will rage well beyond Copenhagen, the case for a sustainable approach to business is absolutely clear.

Bayer's approach is to be applauded and makes great business sense, in terms of company image, in terms of sustainability and in terms of long term energy cost saving

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