Friday News Round Up

Friday again, so time to update on some previous posts and share some other news

  • In the UAE, Borouge has announced that preparatory work has started on the site for the Borouge 3 project. The contract for the 1.5 million tonne ethane cracker was awarded to Linde Group back in July. The complex will also include PP, PE, butane and associated infrastructure and marine facilities.
  • Evonik has annouced that it will permanently close two plants at the Munchmunster Chemical Park, impacting over 100 jobs. The plants, which produced cyanuric chloride and acetocyanahydrin had been idled since the end of 2008.
  • A fire in a PVC unit at Rompetrol Rafinare's Petromida Refinery has killed two workers and injured two others. The cause of the fire are not yet known. The incident follows another fatality at the site in October due to gas intoxication.
  • A key US Senate committee has approved the 'cap and trade' bill. The committee approved the vote by 10-1 although opponents have criticised the committee, which is made up entirely of Democrats, for putting US jobs at risk. The bill must pass through 4 further committees before it can go to the Senate for a vote.
  • Finally, the UK Daily Telegraph has reported the story of a man, Darren Young, who has become allergic to his wife due to an intolerance to polyethylene glycol. Any contact with the chemical causes swelling and a soaring heart rate. This means that he cannot go near his wife if she is wearing any kind of cream or body lotion. The allergy started after Mr. Young was given a steroid injection to treat a problem with his foot.

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