PetroRabigh I Inaugurated - Now For Phases 2 and 3

photo : Petrorabigh

On 8th November, the huge Petro Rabigh I project was inaugurated by the Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al Naimi. With Petro Rabigh I now in the start-up phase, attention is now switching to the next phases of the project

Phase I of the project, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo, comprises an integrated refinery/petrochemicals compex with production capacities of 1250 kT ethylene, 900 kT propylene and downstream PE, PP, PO and MEG.

The memorandum of understanding for the feasibility study for Petro Rabigh II was signed back in April. Phase 2 includes expansion of the cracker, construction of an aromatics unit and various downstream units such as MMA, PMMA, LDPE/EVA, caprolactam, polyols, cumene, phenol/acetone, acrylic acid, SAP and Nylon-6.

It is also being suggested that a phase 3 will be considered, to expand production at the site and achieve further downstream integration.

The development is a part of the the Kingdom's plan to diversify the economy and income resources, and to create new job opportunities for Saudi citizens. Many thousands will be employed, housed, and schooled in Rabigh, which will make it a major city in Saudi Arabia. The Rabigh development is also linked to the development of the nearby King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), which opened in September 2009 amd is planned to become a world class university and research centre.

Altogether a stunning project and one which can only enhance the on-going development of Saudi Arabia.

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