Workplace Accidents - The Odds

photo : book of odds

The Book of Odds is a strangely fascinating read. It is a site where you can read about the odds on all aspects of daily life. The site gives odds on a wide range of events and I can guarantee that you will learn all sorts of interesting statistics on everyday and truly bizarre events. One subject of interest to manufacturers is the section on workplace accidents.

For example, the odds that a workplace death will be caused by exposure to a harmful substance or environment are 1 in 11.25, whilst the odds of a workplace death being caused by a transportation incident are 1 in 2.46. Much less risky, the odds of a person dying from a vending machine incident are 1 in 112,000,000.

No doubt that this data is less useable than standard probability data but it does highlight some of the key risks in the workplace. So whilst this post is somewhat unusual compared to my normal subjects, I hope that you will find this site as interesting as I did.

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