Outcome of Teesside Study - Ten Point Plan Annouced

photo : BBC

The proposed study into the future of the Chemical Industry on Teesside (UK) has been announced.

The plan was pulled together following the spate of closures on Teesside in recent months, with closures announced by Dow Chemical, Croda, Artenius, Elementis and Invista as well as the Petroplus Refinery announcing that refining would stop and the site would be converted to a terminal.

Industry champions will lead the various points in the plan covering

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)
The future of the EO/glycols plant
Energy efficiency
Supply chain development
Teesside infrastructure for new investment
Marketing Tees Valley for future investment
Improved partnership working

My view is that these are all valid points. I also believe that securing the future of the Wilton cracker is essential for the long term survival of the process industry on Teesside, but as this is owned and operated by SABIC, it is impossible to cover directly in such a plan. My hope is that by addressing the other elements (particularly the future of the EO/MEG plant), the team will help to achieve this aim.

The skills that exist on Teesside are of the highest quality and could be used to develop new and green technologies, giving the UK a competitive edge in the market, but to do this, it is essential to retain the industrial core.

The plan has to succeed in order to secure the future of the process industries on Teesside. This will require determination and excellent co-ordination from the implementation team together with strong political support from the UK Government.

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